Brisbane fireworks company

Aerial Pyro-Tech owner Scott Lording, is Brisbane based and specialises in designing and producing totally unique fireworks displays and special effects. Fireworks are now an integral part of many outdoor shows from simple garden weddings to spectacular international musical concerts with tens of thousands in the audience.

Fireworks for weddings

Are you looking for something special on your wedding day? We can tailor a package just for you.

Wedding Packages

Brisbane Wedding Fireworks

Fireworks for Corporate events

We can tailor a fireworks package to your specifications that will certainly impress your guests.

Corporate Events

Brisbane Corporate Fireworks

Fireworks for parties and special occasions

Our fireworks displays will leave you and your guests in pure amazement.

Parties and special occasions

Brisbane Party fireworks

A Celebration For You

Working as a professional in the business world is a constant flow of stress, ideas, hard work and hopefully, success. Many busy people don’t have the time to enjoy their relationships and the celebratory events they would like to.

We would like to help you change that mindset and have a thought for yourself or those around you who are preparing to get engaged or married.

The human act of celebration of the union of two people is even sweeter when you are able to acknowledge your success through something special.

How often do you say no to an event, or give up your personal time to finish just one last report, or call one more client to ensure their satisfaction.

Taking time out for yourself and those you love is not a selfish act, rather it is the acknowledgment of your own hard work and the care that others give you with no expectation of return.

There was recently a great story of a lovely young couple, both professionals who had superb parents. Their parents wanted to give them everything, and so for their wedding, they organised an extravaganza of wonderful, joyous loving celebration for the couple.

The Bride & Groom, being financially stable, felt they had not really contributed to their own wedding, so as a special surprise gesture for their parents and guests arranged a jaw dropping 5 minute fireworks spectacular. This may not sound long, but considering the Sydney New Years Eve fireworks are less than 16 minutes, this was quite an occasion. For under $2000, they had delighted their guests, resumed a little personal control as well as giving their parents a wonderful surprise.

Why not take some time out for yourselves to celebrate your great events, maybe book a fireworks display, go for a special picnic or take your loved one to the movies for some time alone…just remember to enjoy the wonderful world we live in and the life you are living.

If you would like some advice on organising a wonderful event with fireworks, why not  contact us for more details.

Aerial Pyro-Tech is a professional Brisbane fireworks company. We are committed to producing fascinating and exciting fireworks displays. The fireworks displays we produce are personalised and tailored to you. Regardless of what you want we can put together a fireworks display just for you.

All the fireworks shows we produce is synchronised to your favourite music.  We also have access to professional videographers that can capture your entire fireworks display. We never fail to achieve the ultimate wow factor for you and your guests.

With all our displays we only use high quality fireworks and the latest computerised firing systems. This allows us to safely deliver a fireworks display in a way you have never seen before. This ‘state of the art’ equipment keeps us on the cutting edge; creating memories, delivering magic.  When you are looking for a Brisbane fireworks company, contact the best available – Aerial Pyro-Tech!

Your safety is important to us.
  • We are fully insured
  • We obtain all required permits and licences
  • We completely assess each area for safety
  • Spectator safety is our number one priority
  • We only use high quality well maintained firing equipment